4/18/2024 4:18:58 PM

"Join hands in uplifting the poor with Croud Funding of Help. Be a part of the change today! Contact KBC40 at 9418804600 or visit kbc40.com/registers/NWF100791 to make a difference. #CroudFundingofHelp #EmpowerThePoor"

12/21/2023 9:09:11 PM

Help the poor with KBC40! We are a crowd funding platform that provides support to those in need through donations. Our mission is to help and empower those in need. Contact KBC40 and donate now on 9671682703 or at https://kbc40.com/registers/NWF102476. Let’s come together and make a difference! #KBC40 #GiveBack #EmpowerThePoor

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